Will you give me your secret blog address?

A loyal MR reader (and prominent game theorist) writes:

…your [no] response makes sense because you know that, averaging over the population of all people who would write to you as i did, the elasticity [of purchase] is finite, despite our claims.  However, you also realize that now, in response, the second-best solution for me to make a binding commitment never to buy the book.  (Such a commitment is no less credible than the unverifiable claims you are soliciting.)  Then you will behave as a perfect price-discriminator and give me the address.  (your marginal costs are negative.) 

But we realize that this is inefficient because it may happen that I may need to buy the book in the future and we will lose out on those gains from trade.  So in the interest of Pareto efficiency, you should tell me the address.

Oh, Pareto optimality is a such an overrated idea.  In any case the offer still stands.  You can pre-order the book (as so many others have done…thanks everyone!), write me at [email protected], and get access to the new secret blog.

Addendum: Here is Bryan Caplan, discussing the book, on whether economists (and gays) should come out of the closet.


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