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Things I Can’t Do: Use gmail properly, insert a non-distorted TextBox diagram into a Word document, drive a stick shift, attach a zip drive, explain the distribution of prime numbers, set up a directory in a Verizon cell phone.

Things I Can Do: Blog, order books on, drive and parallel park on the left side of the road, set up, use, and type on an iPhone.

Enough said.


Cool! Could you then please explain for the rest of the world how copy/paste works on your ne iPhone?

Do economists believe in "money burning a hole in one's pocket?"

(I didn't get a iPhone, but I did get a Santa Cruz Superlight ...)

Surely drtaxsacto you will admit that the specific success of the iPhone has a lot to do with the sub-culture primed to accept it. I think there is some economics (experimental or otherwise) on what makes a "hit." I mean, the lines formed before people experienced the product.

Now, I'm not immune. The Santa Cruz Superlight has a supporting sub-culture of its own.

Be sure to let us loyal MRers know when you figure that distribution of prime numbers part out.

"Isn't it illegal to parallel park on the left side of the road?"

What about one-way roads?

Attaching a zip drive? Zip drives are dead, usb keys have made them obsolete.

Driving a stick shift? That's easily fixable if you value it isn't it.

drtaxsacto, read The Innovator's Dilemma? It's the other side of the Apple story. And borrowing from that, note that it was the Palm, with significantly less engineering that built market past the Newton. Anyway, I generally agree. Though as an ex-mac user (1984 through 1995) I have some disdain for "screen candy" in place of interface.

That said, one thing *I* can't do (haven't tried and even the idea induces angst) is drive in a left-lane country.

In Australia, India, and the UK I was constantly on edge whenever in a taxi or bus and a turning/yielding situation was involved.

New Zealand was a hoax perpetrated upon an unsuspecting populace with disastrous results.

I can't cook...

Odograph - I actually was thinking about disruptive technologies in my earlier post. The Innovators Dilemma is a good book!

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