Markets in everything: driver’s license points

It is the latest ruse on the roads of France: drivers are avoiding
disqualification by trading licence points on the internet.  Complete strangers are taking the rap for speeding offences in return for up
to €1,500 (£1,000), and police admit they are powerless to intervene. Even
pensioners who have not driven for many years are getting in on the act.

The market is growing:

French officials were unable to estimate the scale of points fiddling.  Across
the border in Spain, the
online motoring site, estimates the black market in points there is worth
€30 million a month.

One seller explains he does abide by ethical standards:

“I don’t have a bad conscience,” he [the seller] told le Parisien. “I only offer my
services to people with small excesses of speed.  And I always ask to see a
copy of the ticket.  I would never sell my points to a road hog.”

Here is the full explanation.  The pointer is from Kurt Muehmel.


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