Medical free trade zones

Why not open up a Medical Free Trade Zone in, say, Detroit?  Health care
workers in the zone would not be required to get US visas or licenses,
and any malpractice claims would be resolved in the courts of the
worker’s home country.

That is from the comments.  Of course in principle we could combine this with a single-payer system or other reforms.  That’ll cure those rationing blues and those long waits for hip replacement surgery.  Or you might favor a single-payer system but be willing to do this in the meantime, for the many millions of uninsured, at least some of whom are waiting in agony.  How about it, people?

But let’s make it geographically central, I say Memphis not Detroit.  Or would you feel better if it were a floating pavilion in the Caribbean?  A floating pavilion in the Indian Ocean?  Bangalore?

I have Bangalore at 8510 miles from Falls Church, VA.  Do I hear medical free trade at 8509 miles?  8508?  Can we get the mileage down into triple digits…?

Addendum: Ezra Klein flirts with libertarian anarchism, sort of…


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