Today’s happiness research, part II

January entodontist: "You’ll need surgery either right now, or within a few months.  We cut open the gum, clean out the inflammation, and sew your mouth right back up.  Only sometimes do we have to eliminate the tooth."

July 5 entodontic surgeon, 10:31 a.m.: "We can cancel this morning’s surgery, it seems OK for now, just keep an eye on it."

Hail Seth Roberts, hail flaxseed oil!

Dr. Yang didn’t even know that he is a character in a forthcoming book about how to motivate your dentist…


What does flax seed oil have to do with your teeth?
Do you explain in your book?
Do you realize that a obfuscated story is not the same as a clever story?

So. Many. Questions.

Try this link:

The character "dentist" frequently appear in many blogs like this one and Prof.Mankiw's.Is she (the dentist) an important character in the everyday life of the Americans?

I think you go to my old dentist. (He was young at the time. I was really, really young.)

Remember Linus Pauling and Vitamin C?

I haven't had any gingivitis for a long, long time. Glad it is going well for you.

I'm happy :)

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