Almost not from the Onion


I think we all know "Idgets." Some are friends and family. Thanks for
posting. It will be interesting to see which presidential candidates
are most effective at capturing this crucial demographic. Capture them
and you win. Brilliant video clip!!!!

I think many elected officials are "idgets" themselves. Would this make
them more or less attractive to "idget" voters?


P.S. The Onion rocks.

LED Lighting?(Light Emitting Diode) A display and lighting technology used in almost every electrical and electronic product on the market, from a tiny on/off light to digital readouts, flashlights, traffic lights and perimeter lighting. Led or LED Lighting are also used as the light source in multimode fibers, optical mice and laser-class printers.

I have truly loved watching the new discipline of Behavioral Economics publishing ground breaking research which essentially replicates much of the work from Political Science during the 1950s and 1960s.

Oh my, you mean people aren't strictly rational working on complete information. Eureka!

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