Markets in everything roundup

1. Random number generators

2. Do you need a pre-arranged ring on your cell phone?

3. A vasectomy for an iPhone?

4. Matt writes in:

There are companies that register domain names for you,  companies that register domains and then sell them to you, and now companies that come up with unregistered domain names that you can register: and


I get a 404 on the Bill Shatner stuff.

"I get a 404 on the Bill Shatner stuff."

Me too, and now the link is gone. =( I want the Shatner art!

Why purchase random numbers when you can get 'em free off the web? - From radio noise - From Radioactive decay - From a lava lamp!

If you need random numbers, why not buy?

Do not forget to read the reviews!

The random number generator might be for real... However, it might not be. Bruce Schneier regularly denounces products as "snake oil". This product has only one listed certification, from a gaming company GTECH.

A reasonable list of third-party validations and certifications would be a reasonable precondition for using this product.

The product should produce the equivalent of a “one-time† pad. In theory, a cryptographic system based on “one-time† pads is unbreakable. However, implementation flaws can enable such systems to be cracked. Note the success of the Venona project.

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