Sunday cat blogging

Where do most tigers live?

In the United States it turns out.  There are 4,000 tigers residing in captivity in Texas alone, where private ownership of tigers is legal.  The number of tigers left in the wild is perhaps no more than 5,100-7,500.

A tiger cub costs about $1,000 while the more exotic blue-eyed white tiger costs $15,000.

That is from The Book of General Ignorance, an interesting compilation of not so well known facts. 

I learned also that chamelons do not change color to fit their background (the changes are determined by their emotional states), moths are disoriented by flames rather than attracted to them, and (possibly) America was named after Richard Amerike rather than Amerigo Vespucci; I still haven’t gotten to the bottom of that one.  Amerike, a wealthy merchant, helped finance Cabot’s voyage, and asked that any discovered lands be named after him.


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