The best sentence I read this morning

It is a thrilling, if repulsive, dream.

For more, here is Will Wilkinson on whether we are entering a new populist era.


Aye. Will hits is on the head when he talks about politics seeing the economy as a great zero-sum game (which it is, in the short-run.) When somebody tells me "the people" want this or that, I start thinking about what job-title they're hoping to get out of it.

He's correct in that there isn't a great degree of table-pounding - yet. Outsourcing hasn't reached levels to where a populist movement would take root and may not ever, given that companies are starting to realize that "savings in employee salary $" is only part of the equation when considering offshoring of labor.

My guess is that some intellectuals get excited about populism because they thrill to the fantasy of riding popular passions to power and harnessing them to set in place their ardently desired policies. It is a thrilling, if repulsive, dream.

Substitute "libertarianism" with "populism" and that statement rings equally true.

"Who knows, they may become multimillionares, globalism is so good for

Seems to be working alright for the rest of us. You get laid-off from the local buggy-whip factory or something?

Substitute "libertarianism" with "populism" and that statement rings equally true.
Which libertarians think Washington is about to swing their way? Most seem to expect mild gains for populism and not much progress for liberty. I suppose some goofballs think Ron Paul can win, but I don't think anyone has claimed Congress will lurch libertarian.

People who complain that "intellectuals" "are so thoroughly removed from reality, its quite scary" are so thoroughly removed from reality it's quite annoying.

Seriously, are any of you having that hard of a time finding a decent job or do you strictly speak on behalf of other people?

Someone tell that this assessment has nothing to do with the Democratic party winning a single national election. On an anti-war platform (which I thought WW is on board with) ...

These guys need to remember that the Faithful's excitement in 2000 was populism, too, and that different populists are excited because the party that pays lip service to their agenda is on the rise.

Ah, yes, why let democracy intervene when people like you know all the answers? If we just leave you in charge everyone will come out ahead.

In addition to your usual ad hominem, attacks you resort to dragging in totally irrelevant material. I don't know why I bother.

If you refer to me personally, you are not engaging in a discussion of the issues, and, yes, that's what I'm currently doing, but I'm going to stop and you can't.

You have no arguments to offer. I'm always advising others not to rise to the troll bait, but have been failing to take my own advice. This will now change.

Hey, guys.
Tyler Cowen is working in the global marketplace.
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Actually, save_the_rustbelt, my micro professor said he made $300/hr. for different firms out in the "real world" in his spare time. It's a myth, at least for non-humanity professors, that tenured professors can only make a living through some posh arrangement with academia. Most have different, non-monetary, reasons for trying for highly-sought-over tenured positions instead of the private sector.

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