Markets in Everything? We can only hope so.

The International Crisis Group (ICG) says some
Zimbabweans are in favor of a retirement package, which would be
attractive enough for President Robert Mugabe to step down.

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There's only one type of "package" that would be appropriate.

LOL A "retirement package" as euphemism for a coup. Kinda like how in the same region, "campaign
finance reform" is a euphemism for "gun control" (cf. The Onion).

I don't see how you can possibly bribe an absolute ruler. The only
plausable scenario would be if the bribe was internationally financed
(given the worthlessness of the Zimbabwean currency). But why should we
believe that his successor would be better?

Umm ... great idea ... what do you think we can put together to get rid of Bush?

As funny as this might sound, this reminds me of how some economists (cough cough) believe that the
solution to someone making noises so loud you can't sleep, or causing your land to catch on fire, is to
pay them to stop doing that.

It's not like that would lead other people to do the same thing in order to milk money out of you or
anything, right?

Ok, for those who don't understand the logic:

Did Pinochet get a retirement package after his lost plebiscite ?
Not a bribe per se, but between his senate imunity, the armed forces independance, the electoral system (which guarantees that no one will ever have a large majority), he got plenty of guarantees that whoever succeeds him won't be able to do him much harm.
And he's not the only one.

Had that not been established, would he have left ?

And the idea that a lot of the despots try to gain time because they're too afraid of what would happen if they let go is not too far fretched.

Mugabe is running out of tactical moves (yes everything he has done in the past 10 years were tactical moves). he probably knows it, many people in his party know it. The choice may be to (semi-voluntarily) relinquish some (political) power in order to keep some (their liberty, their wealth), actually like Ian Smith or De Clerck have.

However, there is a huge moral hazard issue. HUGE.

PS: Pinochet, Stalin, Mao, Mobutu, Idi Amin, Obote, Botha died in their beds, didn't they ?
Ian Smith, Babangida and a few others are happily alive, aren't they ?
So why would killing Mugabé be more pressing than making him leave office ?

Can I remind the armchair assassins on this thread that how ever bad things are, they could always be worse and Zimbabwe does not currently have a civil war?

I am in favor of giving Mr Mugabe a fortune in lead.

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