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Is this a Mengerian spontaneous order story, or not?:

Kisa, 28, a student and translator in Toronto, decided to create her
own language, something simple that would help clarify her thinking. 
She called it Toki Pona — "good language" — and gave it just 120

"Ale li pona," she told herself. "Everything will be OK."

Kisa eventually sorted through her thoughts and, to her great surprise,
her little language took off, with more than 100 speakers today,
singing Toki Pona songs, writing Toki Pona poems and chatting with Toki
Pona words.

It’s all part of a weirdly Babel-esque boom of new languages.  Once the
private arena of J.R.R. Tolkien, Esperanto speakers and grunting
Klingon fanatics, invented languages have flourished on the Internet
and begun creeping into the public domain.

The website Langmaker.com lists more than 1,000 language inventors and 1,902 made-up languages, from `Ayvárith to Zyem.

The language inventors have, of course, created a word to describe what they do — "conlang," short for constructed languages.

Here is the full story.  Here is a word list for Toki Pona.  Here are general resources.  The language has only a few dozen proverbs but one of them is nasin mami li ike, or "capitalism is negative."  There are by far more words about sex than anything else ("Kisa created Toki Pona as an exercise in minimalism, looking for the core vocabulary that is necessary to communicate"), and here is how the countries have been renamed.

Sadly: "Some want to express complicated thoughts in Toki Pona, running counter to its design."


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