What is going on with the UC Regents?!!!!

First this:

In a showdown over academic freedom, a prominent
legal scholar said Wednesday that the University of California,
Irvine’s chancellor had succumbed to conservative political pressure
in rescinding his contract to head the university’s new law school, a
charge the chancellor vehemently denied.

Erwin Chemerinsky, a well-known liberal expert on constitutional
law, said he had signed a contract Sept. 4, only to be told Tuesday by
Chancellor Michael V. Drake that he was voiding their deal because
Chemerinsky was too liberal and the university had underestimated
"conservatives out to get me."

Now this:

After a group of UC Davis women faculty began circulating a petition,
UC regents rescinded an invitation to Larry Summers, the controversial
former president of Harvard University, to speak at a board dinner
Wednesday night in Sacramento.

Both of these decisions are shameful.


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