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America has 62 percent of the world’s [scientist] stars as residents, primarily because of its research universities which produce them.

Here is the paper, and, addended, here are non-gated versions.


The link seems to be broken. :-)

The link works, though it only goes to the abstract of the paper. $5 for the whole paper :(

Some of these "scientist stars"deserted their own native countries and migrated to the US in search of money and fame.

"It's probably also worth mentioning that US universities tend to have a lot more money to throw at stars."

The universities have a lot of US taxpayer money given the unbelievable subsidies that they receive.

It's not only for the search of "fame and money" scientists are going to the U.S.
I mean, money yes but not necesseraly for their salary.
In France I witnessed some research centers (state funded), that were so poor that searchers took on themselves to get funds from their own donation to...repaint the walls!
I could see how frustrating it is to not be able to practice my job because no fund is available...If someone(US universities) is offering to those researchers money to keep on working in more than decent, or optimized conditions, I don't see why they wouldn't.

America's star scientists must once have been largely imports. When did the balance swing to home-growns? 60s?


Don't cry for the college graduates, they are the cream of society's crop. If their education was "free", i.e. paid for by taxpayers (there's no such thing as a free education), that effectively meant the poor subsidized the future rich. At least that's the way it happens in Europe with your VAT's.

Also, only the BMW majors (black studies, Marxist studies, women's studies) and their unproductive ilk need worry about being strapped and unable to pay back their student loans. Those who majored in the logic professions such as math, science, technology etc. will do just fine, more than fine actually, and that is how it ought to be, the more productive majors pay the most.

It is also worth noting that all the best colleges in the US are needs blind, which is another way of saying the poor get in free and the rich pay through the nose. I fail to see the economic logic of the low IQ half of society subsidizing the higher IQ side of middle class the way Europe does.

Finally, home ownership in the is radically higher in the US that in Europe, and is in fact essentially at an all time high, although the subprime meltdown will likely change that. The notion that if the US adopted European funding mechanisms that we'd have higher home ownership rates seems radically at odds with the empirical evidence.

Tyler's quote is "primarily because of its research universities"

Isn't it more likely to be "primarily" driven by the opportunities for star scientists to create profits for firms here?

That's what I read: new Lawyers and new doctors couldnt afford their housing right away. because of their students loan. It doesnt mean eventually they'll never pay off their loan and be able to buy, it means they push it off for later. My point was more about the economy having to restructure if ppl who usually buy, say, 5 yrs after finishing their studies would buy 10 yrs after instead (making up numbers here to show my points).
By no mean I was trying to prove European systems were better, because the structure lacks of money and I've never seen any study that would show ppl have comparatively more diplomae in countries where universities are "free" vs not. So I won't go there.
I think studies in Europe and US have 2 different approaches: in the US they are more "pragmatic" and European are more "conceptual". I could see good points for both systems, but in todays' world economy, US approach is proving best results.

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