Betting market for the Nobel Prize, economics included

Here, and so far the posted numbers don’t mean anything.  Hat tip to the ever-vigilant Greg Mankiw.


But is it gambling and/or illegal? Does the UIGEA cover this activity?

For that matter, what is the UIGEA? Did you know that internet gambling is being attacked by Focus on the Family and the religious zealots of the right?

Sadly, whatever predictive value that Intrade may have is being negatively impacted by the internet gambling regulation mess of the UIGEA, along with games of skill, such as poker.

I find it interesting that there's a market for almost all the economists, but for very few of the "peacemakers".

This market is so illiquid that the numbers I posted the other day (from 2004) are arguably more accurate at predicting the winner. Of course, that all depends on how they set the initial prices.

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