Books John Nye should read

Since the 1990s the policies of the three major players (Taiwan, China, and the United States) have become unstable in many ways.  The possibility of a miscalculation by any participant with respect to the two others is quite high.  China thinks that Washington will not sacrifice Los Angeles for Taiwan, the United States that Beijing will not sacrifice twenty or thirty years of development for Taipei, and Taiwan that it can confront Beijing with a fait accompli and not suffer the consequences.  Those are three dangerous mistakes.

That is from Therese Delpech’s fascinating Savage Century: Back to Barbarism.  This book made a splash in France but has been virtually ignored in the U.S.  There haven’t been many reviews but here are some endorsements.

Two of the book’s major themes are a) don’t be fooled, the barbarisms of World War II and 20th century totalitarianism are not really behind us, and b) don’t expect Asia to be stable in the 21st century.  Highly recommended and yes it did remind me of John Nye.

Speaking of John, here is a Reason dialogue with John, covering his new book and also his description of GMU lunches.


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