In the shower with Robert Frank

I tend to listen to NPR while showering, and really enjoyed this morning’s interview with Robert Frank.  The interview draws heavily from his book, The Economic Naturalist – previous blogged about by Tyler, here and here.

Robert Frank’s observations on economics teaching will fundamentally change what I do in the classroom.  What he has to say is important.  Read it.  Here.

Yes, this was previously covered on MR (here and here).  But I am intrigued by Frank’s ambition in arguing that we need to emphasize the "deep" concepts of economics in a way that transforms how our students see the world.  We econ profs probably fail, and it is hard to see how to do better.  But it is worth doing.

Perhaps blogs like Marginal Revolution help one better see the world through an economists lens.  But most econ profs teach in the classroom, not the blogosphere, and so I want to ask: How can we do a better job teaching what is important, true and beautiful in economics? Comments open.  But a request: Please only comment if you have taken the time to read the Frank piece (this one).


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