Markets in everything

There’s a hot market for demilitarized ICBM silos. There are three of
them on offer at eBay right now, with the asking price of $500,000 per
silo, which includes underground and above ground support facilities.
Hundreds of ICBM silos have been sold off in the last twenty years, as
new missile forces were reduced with the end of the Cold War, and the
enactment of arms reduction treaties.  Most of these are located in
remote areas.  For example, the three silo complex being offered on eBay
sits on 57 acres in central Washington State.

Here is further information

And while we are on the markets in everything topic, here is what Indians will do for you (if you pay them).

And here is a New Zealand market: lingerie for men (TC: clicking on this site is a mistake, please don’t do it, if only to avoid the music), who said small population and fixed costs limit product diversity (though they do ship by mail, how much of their business is Kiwi)? 

Thanks to several loyal MR readers for the pointers, at least one of them may wish to remain anonymous.


The lingerie for men site appears to be a joke. But I'm sure you knew that.

I'm so disappointed ... the missile silos don't come with the missles and warheads :(

@ Peter:

".. what in the world could you DO with an old missile silo?"

Not to you and me, but for many, otherwise hiding in Afghan caves, this could be a great chance for geographical diversification!

Might these missile silos be popular with the End Times set?

...friend of mine actually did his architectural thesis on converting grain silos....wonder what the application would be for missle silos...I'm sure you could convert them.

At least one old Nike anti-missile base (albeit mostly above ground) has been turned into a paintball park.

Given their size and shape I would think the silos would make great beer brewing facilities. Make ale, not war?

The NZ lingerie site content has changed considerably. A week ago, it was rather plausibly a real site. Now, it's a Snickers ad...

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