My Secret Fear

My secret fear is that one day I will find myself working in Starbucks; the cashier will call out orders – double latte frappuccino, no whip, extra hot, tall; iced caramel macchiato grande; pumpkin spice crème with soy… I will become confused and disoriented, was that extra whip or no whip?  Tall or grande?  Soy or no soy?  What am I doing?  People will shuffle their feet impatiently, check their watch and stare at me with disdain as I struggle to keep up.  I will start to sweat – now people are frowning.  Aaarrgghh – take me back to my quiet office!

I try to remember my secret fear when the conversation at lunch turns to IQ and yes I tipped extra today.

What’s your secret fear?


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