Random rants

Most of all he has rotten diction (odd for a former actor), plus he had no idea what the market-oriented crowd wanted to hear.  Sell short.  I’m still predicting Giuliani; Hillary will do worse once the attack dogs gear up.  The fascinating but overlong Into the Wild is about, among other things, the weaknesses of family ties in the United States, and how people seek artificial family in response.  In a free society people must, to some extent, put principles of justice and political order above loyalties to clan.  This is why the idea of a free society attracts so few Russians, and also why their quasi-liberalizations have not been pretty.  The new Charles Taylor book is one of the best (implicit) responses to Greg Clark; it shows how radically a societal worldview can change over time and also why belief in God is no longer taken for granted.  Tell Me You Love Me keeps getting better and soon I will try the Yglesias-recommended Friday Night Lights.  Don’t be fooled by the good reviews for Michael Clayton, nothing is there conceptually.  I want to see more Michael Powell movies (is he today the least-known-most-important major director?), starting with Colonel Blimp.  I finally "get" what other people see in John Adams’s Violin Concerto.  No, good frying pans really don’t hold up for long and yes I have started cooking my cheeseburgers in milk.

The last three items I bought at Best Buy all were broken upon first inspection. 


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