Probably influenced by Tyler’s post on Radiohead, my last post ended by providing computer code for "regression-heads" to replicate some numbers.  But what is the right term for those I just called (affectionately) regression-heads?

  1. Ian Ayres would call you a Super Cruncher
  2. Steve Levitt would suggest you are a Freakonomist
  3. If this were the Society for American Baseball Research you would be a Sabermetrician
  4. Our friends in finance would call you a quant.

Perhaps readers of this blog are Marginal Revolters?  Other ideas?

(Yes, I’ve heard Econometrician.)


Justin, I have been enjoying your posts this week. May I suggest

"Nerds" or "most likely rich" seem to apply.

We revolve, marginally. So, moments of inertia? ? Shakers?

I like Marges.

I prefer the term "The Marginally Revolted." An appreciation of economics means a distaste for every armchair intellectual's short-sighted self-serving policy suggestions to improve the economy. Plus, it sounds like a late 70's punk band.

I liked Ian Ayres' new book quite a bit, but, randomized title trials aside, I cringed every single time he referred to "Super Crunchers." Until someone gives me a cape, I'm okay with "econometrician." Although, come to think of it, a cape could really add to my teaching aura....

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