Is libertarianism the new “in” thing?

Here is the story.  Nick Gillespie says:

"We’re the Sith Lords of American politics," he says, referring to
the "Star Wars" baddies.  "We can show up in any group.  We’re both
terrifying and devilishly attractive."

Since I’m not either of those things, and I’ve made other claims about the Sith Lords, I said something different:

Libertarian economist Tyler Cowen of George Mason University says
the new breed of Swiftian commentary found on shows such as "The Daily
Show" and "The Colbert Report," though not explicitly libertarian, also
has contributed to the current libertarian moment.  "The way to be funny is to make fun of something," Mr. Cowen notes.

There is more by me at the very end of the article (yes, you too can look into my heart).  In part libertarianism has become cool because Republicanism has become so uncool, thereby leaving a cultural gap which Hillary Clinton alone cannot fill.


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