Many Worlds, Most Strange

Hugh Everett, the originator of the multiple worlds interpretation of quantum physics, was a strange fellow.  He left physics when Neils Bohr refused to take his ideas seriously and went into defense work where he made millions.  His son Mark Everett is lead singer for the Eels.  A BBC documentary, Parallel Worlds, Parellel Lives looks at father and son:

They lived in the same house for nearly 20 years and barely spoke. The first
time Mark touched his father was when he found his stiffening corpse, still in
bed and still in the suit he always wore. Mark himself, unusually for a rock
star, wears a suit on stage. A devout atheist, Hugh told his wife to throw his
ashes out with the trash, which, after keeping them for a bit in a filing
cabinet, she duly did.

Hat tip to MetaFilter.

Addendum: Here’s an interview with Mark Everett about his father.


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