Markets in everything: pretend you’re rich edition

Welcome to  We print the finest fake ATM receipts available, with your custom information on them.

Tired of being used as a drink-dispenser? Maybe if you were rich you’d have more luck.

Ever wanted people to think you’re rich?  Just casually let them see your massive bank balance on one of our fake ATM receipts, with your name right on it.

Trying to impress that hottie at the bar? Money talks.  Hand out your number on the back of one of our fake ATM receipts.  They’re a players dream come true.

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Here is the link, and thanks to Jared Hansen for the pointer.


This looks more like pretending you're stupid and rich to me.

That kind of money should be invested, not sitting in a checking account. Their sample is more than 7 times the limit for FDIC. These things are a signal that you're a lying bonehead.

Maybe the sort of woman that is of interest to the sort of man who would use this service is too dumb to know, though.

Makes no sense to me - by the time you've given out your number, you've already closed the deal. Maybe there's a few percent of marginal cases between "don't want your number," and "let's fuck soon," but it's not a client base that's worth wasting much time on.

Wearing $3k in clothes and spending $200+ on food and drink is a signal that is hard to imitate for long. It's much easier to claim to be a CIA assassin or misunderstood artist or something.

Once the deception is discovered, will the
relationship fall apart or will the person
have effectively hooked the bait--he's gotten
her interested in him beyond his wealth. Perhaps
she has seen he has more to offer that makes up for
little wealth.

Does the demand for such a product suggest that one
can't demonstrate other perhaps compensating
qualities to a girl in a club that would
sufficiently hook them?

"I can't say I have a large savings and a job that
pays well, but I'm a good dancer, hence able
bodied, and I'm witty which signals intelligence.
And I'm persistant, trying to get you to give me
your number. These qualities show that I would
probably have some ability to generate income--
if not that I posess income at the moment."

Maybe the ATM receipt acts to separate you from
all the other witty, dogged, able-bodied guys in
the club...until they get those receipts too. I
guess if this situation is the case, the ATM slip
would be a means of getting a girl who normally
would be out of your league. Or maybe you just
want to pick up the same girls you normally do
and don't want to do all the work of being witty,
a good dancer, or whatever else you see as means of
conveying similar information.

MMike: the goal is to get the
girl into bed. Only a fool
looks for a relationship with
a golddigger.

Drew: "Sorry, my phone is out of batteries right now."
ike: the goal is to get the girl into bed. Only a fool looks for a relationship with a golddigger.


Maybe you're right. The question arises, then: Given a couple of days, I can make a real ATM receipt with a number bigger than what you propose, and so can a lot of other guys.

Does anyone here think such a thing could land me a more desirable woman than I can get otherwise?

Doesn't this depend on whether I desire an easily-impressed bit of fluff who knows nothing more about money than "Oooh... shiny!" over an intelligent woman who would rather look for a fellow who knows that checking accounts are not the place to store >$15k. (Or at least, not unless it's the checking account you run your business with or something)

So I think the argument that no one who was smart and rational enough to make a ton of money would leave this much in their bank account is dead wrong.

Assuming you have a reputable bank the risk you are taking on loss of FDIC insurance is minimal compared to what you are losing in interest. So suppose you lose out on about 6% interest by keeping your money in the checking account rather than investing it. That means each month you (roughly) lose 5000 dollars. But on the other hand if you didn't keep a million bucks in our checking account every time you wanted to buy a new house, yacht, super fancy vacation, make a big gift or spend huge amounts of cash you would need to fuck with transferring money. Sure you probably have an account manager to do this for you but you still need to spend time remembering to tell them. For the very rich (Bill Gates) a more reasonable ($100k) bank account might mean they have to do this once every couple of months with say a total cost in effort to them of 30minutes. But so long as they value their time at more than $20k an hour (36.8 million/year at 40hrs/week and 11.5 months per year) this means it isn't rational for them not to stock their bank account with a new million or so every month. Of course if you consider the sub-logarithmic relation of wealth to utility it would mean ppl earning a lot less might be justified in doing this as well.

Or to put the point differently if you earn $36k a year you might very well keep $1000 in your checking account so if you earn $36 million why not keep a million in their? If you are this crazy rich fretting about a million here or there just doesn't make sense.


Of course as a practical matter it's a lot harder to fake being insanely wealthy than it is to fake being just well off. I mean what do you say when you bring the girl back to your normal apartment? Or you don't have the penthouse suite at the hotel?

However, just because it wouldn't make sense for people to fall for it doesn't mean it wouldn't work on plenty of dumb (or just inattentive) girls. I mean just getting a girl to actually evaluate you instead of blowing you off without consideration is going to make a big difference. The story doesn't have to be that she is a total golddigger, just that she sees the bank account goes and is inclined to see everything you say in a slightly better light and after the good impression is made you are still better off if you tell her it was a fake than if you never made it at all.

Still, ultimately it strikes me as being totally and completely not worth it.


Publicity photos of lottery winners holding giant decorative cardboard checks notwithstanding, you'd only use checks for smaller amounts (the price of a used car, perhaps), if at all.

Maybe businesss issuing a high volume of checks need to maintain a higher balance, but for a private individual, having more than very low five figures in a checking account doesn't make any sense.

As a practical matter, you'd use a high-limit credit card (or several) to fund shopping sprees. Large single items often involve legal contracts and could involve a wire transfer from your lawyer's escrow account (buying a residence, for instance). A large payment to the taxman can be handled by your bank straight out of your account, you wouldn't actually mail a check.

As for the truly wealthy, well, they have flunkies who handle the banalities of payment.

I've always suspected that there's a good market for receipts - I'm just surprised that I haven't seen a business built around my recycled receipt idea as yet!

Makes no sense to me - by the time you've given out your number, you've already closed the deal.

Not necessarily. Women are quite well known for handing out fake numbers for example.

But this is all moot anyway: no woman, especially one swayed by big numbers, will be taking a guy's number. She'll expect him to ask for hers and MAYBE she'll give him the real one.

Of course as a practical matter it's a lot harder to fake being insanely wealthy than it is to fake being just well off. I mean what do you say when you bring the girl back to your normal apartment? Or you don't have the penthouse suite at the hotel?

Her: Why do you have $1,250,000 in your checking account?
Me: I know this is going to sound weird, but I answered one of those emails from Nigeria... is the proof that any market can exist in America. With access to the Internet, anything is possible. This is a sad realization what guys would do to try to get that one date with the hot girl at the bar. Let me just flash my fake ATM receipt with my monstrous bank balance on it and pass it around like business cards to random hotties. Who in their right mind keeps a copy of their bank account in bird’s eye view for people to view?

First of all as a female, I would be very suspicious if a guy ever flashed around his ATM receipt. From previous experience, most guys who “brag† about money never have any. Gold diggers would eat this up, but most females are not at the bar for prince charming, we are looking for a good time. Also, with modern technology of cell phones, why would a guy ever give out his phone number on a piece of paper? If so, why his ATM receipt that is screaming out “LOSER†.

Good try, but this market is not for me. It does make me more aware of how far people will go to impress others. What happened to impress people for all the right reasons? It will lead to more success, I promise.

This is not for the guy who wants a relationship. The entire idea which btw works fantastically is based on human nature. men are visual creatures and want to attract the hottest woman they can get whether its by their looks or money it does not matter. Women by nature, generally speaking, are attracted to a man with power, money, status, and fame. They want the man who is the provider, the hunter/gatherer. its nature. So by using these ATM slips you are taking advantage of human nature to get laid. you would not do this to a woman that you want something serious with. I don;t recommend putting you number on them. just lay them in your car. have them around so that they could possibly be seen. It works.

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