Father Christmas?

A conversation between the 6yr old and the 9yr old.

"Big fat man.  Flying reindeer.  All around the world in one night.  That’s crazy."


"But who does bring the presents?  Do you think Daddy brings the presents?"

"Nah, if it was Daddy we would just get cash."


...or gift cards :)

But haven't a surfeit of studies shown that gift cards are inefficient compared to cash?

a 9-year-old who knows about the deadweight loss of gifts, and whose knowledge of such has left him chasing a red herring about who is really doing Santa's work.

Alex, I'm sure they'll grow up to do great things, but this is hilariously messed up.

I suppose this proves that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Better teach those kids about the economic value of holding with traditions.

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I think that people should think more about Artificial Christmas Trees. That way we could enjoy the holidays and also help the environment, right?

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