The girl with the X-Ray eyes

"She must be some kind of Russian fraud," was the first thing I said to Yana and Natasha.  We were riding in a bus through rural Mexico and they played a Discovery Channel show about Natasha Demkina, a girl who claims to be able to see through human bodies and diagnose their medical conditions.  Here is Wikipedia on the girl.  I found this article revealing:

…a lot of text messages were being sent between her and her companions during the test, something the scientists had expressly forbidden.

Here is another skeptical account, and here.  Here is a good Bayesian discussion.  Here is the Amazing Randi.  No, I do not believe in the paranormal, nor is her record even close to perfect, but still the girl seems to have a remarkable ability to read clues from ailing human beings.  (She doesn’t seem to be interested in seeing through animal bodies or for that matter inanimate objects.)  I am glad to hear she wants to become a doctor.  What I find odd is her apparently unique ability to pull off this fraud; is there not free entry into the sector?  I also find it interesting that the Discovery Channel finds this story "true enough" to broadcast in some countries, but not others.


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