The latest evidence on racial discrimination and wages

I haven’t read through this closely, but it seems to be a very important paper:

…we show that, relative to white wages, black wages: (a) vary negatively
with a measure of the prejudice of the "marginal" white in a state; (b)
vary negatively with the prejudice in the lower tail of the prejudice
distribution, but are unaffected by the prejudice of the most
prejudiced persons in a state; and (c) vary negatively with the
fraction of a state that is black. We show that these results are
robust to a variety of extensions, including directly controlling for
racial skill quality differences and instrumental variables estimates.
We present some initial evidence to show that racial wage gaps are
larger the more racially integrated is a state’s workforce, also as
Becker’s model predicts.

Here is the paperThis version is $5 cheaper.


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