What does Bolivia have to do to make the front page?

As far as I can tell, there has been a partial secession in Bolivia.  (This story makes it sound more like "autonomy" than secession, but that line is a fine one, try this story too.)  The wealthier, more business-oriented, lighter-skinned, and natural gas-rich provinces near Santa Cruz wish to control their own fate.  But as of 8 a.m., there is nada on the front page of The New York Times.  So far it doesn’t make the front page of news.google.com either.  Nor The Washington Post.  Here is a Spanish-language account from Bolivia, it does make the front page there.  Here’s a blog report as well.

It is not an accident that Bolivia has lost territory to Paraguay and also to Chile.  When it comes to Schellingesque focal point purposes, those events aren’t as long ago as clock time might make them seem.  I might add that both conflicts were over resource wealth, just as today’s conflict is in part over natural gas.  I would not be surprised if Bolivia lost territory again.  If there is any trend over the last five hundred and fifteen years, it is that indigenous peoples in the Americas are losing control over natural resources.  Every squib in Kosovo gets reported, why not this too?


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