Museo Interactivo de Economia

Located at Tacuba 17 in Mexico City, here is their website.  The building is splendid, the exhibits are insipid.  There is lots on how money is coined (the museum is an initiative of the Bank of Mexico), the circular flow of economic activity, gdp, and social indicators.  There are many buttons to press, although to what end is not clear.  Opportunity cost gets one computer display and division of labor is mentioned.  Taxonomy and description are favored above all.  Overhead videos hang from the ceiling and a pulley system drags plastic copies of Mexican products through the room above your head.

Occasionally there is a propagandistic tinge: "Of all the services our government doles out to you, which do you value the most?"

The shop sells lovely 19th century ex votos for excellent prices.

The interesting question is what museums can teach well.  Paintings and sculptures, for sure, and perhaps history.  But can museums teach abstract concepts, modes of reasoning, and ways of thinking?  Here is a science, economics, and technology museum in Milwaukee, is it any good?

At the Museo the bathrooms are clean, lavish, and architecturally superb, the nicest I have seen in downtown Mexico City.


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