Suing your real estate agent

Ms. Ummel said in her deposition that Mr. Little had told them “many times that it was a very good buy.”

Here is the story, which should have pushed the point that the real estate agent usually works for the seller.  In another context, if an agent of the mortgage lender says: "Just put down an income of $150,000," even most of the so-called "stupid people" know they are engaging in some kind of fraud.  In reality it is complicity with fraud and a violation of federal law, and yes this is a federal law that should be a federal law.

A society that so blurs the ethic of individual responsibility is a society in trouble.  My notion of individual responsibility does not mean: "Sorry, it is just that you die for your mistake," so there is no need to knock down that straw man.  But a good notion of individual responsibility might start with: "We’re not going to label every "little guy" a victim, even when it supports our political narrative to do so."


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