China fact of the day

It’s not quite a fact, but here goes:

According to China Mobile, there were already 400,000 cracked iPhones using its cellular network by the end of 2007.
That number, if accurate, is astonishing. It would mean that there
are more unauthorized iPhones in China than there are authorized
iPhones in Europe. It would account for the largest part of the
so-called “missing” iPhones.

It’s a fact if you believe China Mobile, which I do.


Additional information on the iPhone distribution methods and software in china can be found here if interested:

erik...I submit that apple's primarily responding to at&t (and other carriers') fears/lost revenue streams. The ease with which people crack all of the new firmwares seems to say to me that it's a token resistance.


Apple is not just responding to other carrier's lost revenue fears. Apple receives an estimated $18/month ( from ATT for every active iPhone. Considering that there are zero costs associated with that money, Apple is definitely putting up more than token resistance. Reading the ease with which the software has been cracked as a sign of Apple indifference I think ignores the fact that no corporation has ever successfully implemented a anti cracking/piracy piece of software without it soon falling to worldwide hacking efforts.

Does anyone know whatever happened to the person that hacked the iPhone and put the video up on YouTube? I know ATT came out against the person but was curious to know the remainder of that story.

I'm simply amazed how quickly things proliferate in China simply by the sheer population volume and the velocity of sales in big metro areas.


I believe that Apple provides free software updates to iPhone users — it isn't exactly zero cost.

Everybody needs to quit worrying about what apple is doing in china. So what if they have 400,000 illegal phones operating. If there are so many "missing i phones" all it means to me is protect my own phone and don't let somebody steal it. Sucks for all those people with cracked i phones but it really isn't my concern. If somebody is so worried about their information being hacked into maybe that person doesn't need an electronic device in their pocket that can be hacked into by a stranger. Sounds like something all you geeks should let apple or soney handle.

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