A Boy Named Sue

“Researchers have studied men with cross-gender names like Leslie,” Dr.
Evans explained. “They haven’t found anything negative – no
psychological or social problems – or any correlations with either
masculinity or effeminacy. But they have found one major positive
factor: a better sense of self-control. It’s not that you fight more,
but that you learn how to let stuff roll off your back.”

Here is much more, interesting throughout.  I liked this part:

“In the past, there was more of a sense of humor, probably because
fathers had more say in the names.” He said the waning influence of
fathers might explain why there are no longer so many names like Nice
Deal, Butcher Baker, Lotta Beers and Good Bye, although some dads still

As I’ve told you before, my dad had wanted to name me Tyrone.  It could have been worse:

…why would any parent christen an infant Ogre? Mr. Sherrod found several
of them, along with children named Ghoul, Gorgon, Medusa, Hades,
Lucifer and every deadly sin except Gluttony (his favorite was Wrath


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