How to respond to Hillary Clinton

Read this, the headline is "Obama: I’m no V.P.".  That’s not just the biased framing of the journalist, it captures Obama’s words.  My unsolicited advice is this: if you are a political candidate, proclaiming "I am not X" is not much better than admitting "I am X."  Either way it frames the debate.  And avoid phrases like "If I’m not ready [for the Presidency]…"  Why not punch back with: "A President needs to do at least two things.  First, read the will of the voters.  Second, figure out which country in a region is winning the race for influence and which country is coming in second.  This kind of talk is a sign that Hillary Clinton can do neither.  I’m running for President, while she is busy failing arithmetic."

I know I promised, way back when, no candidate blogging, but alas every now and then some things just bug me.


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