Income per natural

It is easy to learn the average income of a resident of El Salvador or Albania. But there is no systematic source of information on the average income of a Salvadoran or Albanian. In this new working paper, research fellow Michael Clemens and non-resident fellow Lant Pritchett create a new statistic: income per natural – the mean annual income of persons born in a given country, regardless of where that person now resides…Almost 43 million people live in a group of countries whose income per natural collectively is 50 percent higher than GDP per resident. For 1.1 billion people the difference exceeds 10 percent.

The pointer is from Will Wilkinson, here is the paper itself.  By the way, can you guess the country with the highest income per natural?  It’s the United States (ahem), with Norway and Luxembourg close behind.  Scroll to pp.34-35 of the paper for a full list.  Bermuda does surprisingly well.  Guyana has the biggest difference between income per capita and income per natural, at over 100%.


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