Markets in Everything: Adam Smith’s House

The house where Adam Smith lived for many years with his mother and which more recently was used as a home for troubled youth has been put up for sale by the Edinburgh Council for £700,000.  Sir Alan Peacock says "It’s a disgrace that the council has
agreed to dispose of a building as significant as this. It should be
saved for the nation."

I think it would be a disgrace if the house went to anyone but the highest bidder.


Hear, hear. Best of all, may it be a museum by private means.

I think I see the Invisible Boot at work.

They should build a McDonald's, but customers should be required to bid for their food.

" I think it would be a disgrace if the house went to anyone but the highest bidder"

Luckily for Alex the method for selling houses in Scotland is a sealed bid auction, so the only way in which anyone is going to get their hands on the house is to be the highest bidder.

a fellow fife resident

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