Markets in everything

The Philosopher’s Hotel features a series of rooms that are perhaps less overtly amazing but equally compelling for the right clientele: each room revolves around the life, work and philosophy of a particular philosopher. The above rooms, for example, respectively play off Georges Bataille’s concepts of sexuality and eroticism, Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophies of language, ethics and mysticism and Henry David Thoreau’s obsession with time, age and nature. Other rooms revolve around famous thinkers such as Nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche…

I hear that in the Parmenides room the mini-bar does not open and the Heraclitus room has a water bed.  The hotel is in the Netherlands, so where is the Bernard Mandeville room ("Private Vices, Publick Benefits")?  Here are many more unusual hotel rooms, both the texts and photos are interesting.  And here are (supposedly) the smallest hotels and hotel rooms in the world.


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