Surely you all wondered the same

Not all investors are expected to be pleased with the deal. A
conference call with investors and analysts on Sunday night was broken
up when a Bear Stearns shareholder sought an explanation of why he
would be better off approving this transaction rather than seeing Bear
Stearns file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The JPMorgan executives
demurred, instead referring the investor to Bear Stearns executives for
an explanation. The shareholder declared that he would vote against the

Afterward, Mr. Cavanaugh said JPMorgan felt comfortable in
pulling the trigger despite the short due-diligence process. “We’ve
known Bear Stearns for a long time,” Mr. Cavanaugh said.

Vis-a-vis that last sentence, last year the stock price was $170, late Friday it was $30 a share, yesterday the deal was done at about $2.  Here is the story.  From published accounts, the nature and extent of the Fed and Treasury obligations is not yet clear.


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