The culture that is German, a continuing series

Economic protectionism, linguistic protectionism, status protectionism, or all three?:

Americans with PhDs beware: Telling people in Germany that you’re a doctor could land you in jail.  At least seven U.S. citizens working as researchers in Germany have faced criminal probes in recent months for using the title "Dr." on their business cards, Web sites and resumes. They all hold doctoral degrees from elite universities back home…Violators can face a year behind bars.

Here is the full story.  And get this: "A male faculty member with two PhDs can fully expect to be called "Herr Professor Dr. Dr. Schmidt," for example."

Update: They just changed the law.  I guess I should have titled this post "The earthquake that is Germany," etc.  Sadly there is no medium for telling The Washington Post that their front page story this morning is wrong but of course we have a very keen reader willing to leave comments.


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