Answering your questions

Who knows, maybe I’ll try to get to them all.  Here’s the first:

What impact will algorithmic game theory have on economics?

I’d start by asking: will game theory pure and simple have (further) impact on economics?  And I’d say basically "no."  The common concepts and tricks of game theory are invaluable but we already have those and I don’t see any more coming down the pike.  Algorithmic game theory will address problems internal to game theory and within that context it will flourish.  Finding equilibria, and discriminating among multiple equilibria, are otherwise very difficult problems and AGT is a natural way to crack those nuts.  So AGT will have continued practical applications in computer science and problems of engineering.  But it won’t much affect how most economists think about the world or do their research.

As for NBA analysis, I’ll just say that a) Boston is still an odds-on favorite, b) No one ever really told us what happened to Andrew Bynum, and c) Even though Phoenix probably won’t make it, the Shaq trade was very clearly a good idea and all you doubters should offer up mea culpas.


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