Non-mainstream schools of thought

A loyal MR reader requests coverage:

On mainstream versus "fringier" economic schools of thought (and schools themselves too if you like); and on different schools of thought generally, and your take on them; where economic theory is at present.

Here is me on Sraffa and the neo-Ricardians and also post-Keynesians and the Cambridge capital debates.  The Austrians I cover all the time.  Here is my post on what is new and essential in economics.  Overall I don’t believe in schools of thought for modern economics.  Think of the notion of a school of thought as a brand.  The whole point of the internet is to break down branding into the evaluation smaller units, including individuals and their very particular ideas, even doing cite counts paper by paper.  Why move toward more macro branding in that kind of environment?  You can think of trustworthy bloggers as another means of branding and also as substitutes for schools of thought.

Today I see neuroeconomics and personality psychology as two frontiers, plus economic history, but I wouldn’t call any of those schools of thought, nor should they be.


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