Hedge funds in everything

AdultVest, Inc., the Beverly Hills-based investment bank, which concentrates its practice exclusively on adult industry investments, mergers, and acquisitions, announced today it had been selected by Alternative Investment News as one of four funds nominated for the "Hedge Fund Launch of the Year" award.

Here is the link.  That’s from John DePalma, who also points our attention to this Dilbert cartoon.


division of (hard) labour??

Crazy. I have never heard of them before. It is not entirely surprising though. There are hundreds of CA-based firms which specialize in adult busniess management and are printing million dollar bills. Largest un-talked about area of business in the US.

- Richard
Richard Wilson
Hedge Fund Group (HFG)

High Margins. Strong domestic and international demand. Low wage pressure from the "workers". What is not to like. Too bad I cannot commit enough to enter the fund.

Welcome to our company which sells all kinds of maple mesos.

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