Local Bounties

One benefit of the economic downturn is that the number of people hoping to earn a reward by calling the police with a tip has increased, especially in regions with a lot of home foreclosures. 

For tips that bring results, programs in most places pay $50 to $1,000,
with some jurisdictions giving bonuses for help solving the most
serious crimes, or an extra “gun bounty” if a weapon is recovered…

“We have people out there that, realistically, this could be their
job,” said Sgt. Zachary Self, who answers Crime Stoppers calls for the
Macon Police Department.

The success of these local programs suggests similar international programs could also work.


Personally, I'm not the snitch I don't go to the cops to get rich; I go to the block and pitch.
I go with the glock and click, I go with the pop I'm sick.

/just like Jay-Z

Probably also an increase in fraudulent reports. If we didn't know so much about the number of false convictions based on "eyewitness" testimony, I'd feel more comfortable.

There's an old Latin word for such people: delatores. To say the least, it doesn't have positive connatations (1, 2)!

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