…the modelling, done by the world-renowned Hadley Centre at the Met
Office but using emissions calculated by the Stockholm Network,
highlighted three problems: ‘Current policy comes in too slowly, it
internationalises too slowly and it binds developing countries too

Privately, many climate scientists believe it will be impossible to
meet the 2C target, but they are reluctant to say so because they do
not want to discourage moves to cut emissions.

Here is more and that is from The Guardian not National Review.  I believe that some parts of the world will be in for a very rough ride.

By the way, while I was in Japan I read that a) about half the world’s people are consuming subsidized energy, not taxed energy, and b) Chinese energy-users are typically paying about half of the world price.  Recent energy price increases in India have induced riots.  Those are all signs of the magnitude of the problem.


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