Why *Entertainment Weekly* rules the world

Here is a mini-dialogue that Seth Roberts and I worked up; it is about Entertainment Weekly, arguably my favorite magazine.  Seth starts off:

When my friends look puzzled that I subscribe to EW I say “entertainment” means art.  It’s about art. They could have called it Art Weekly but they didn’t want to scare people.

Later, I wrote this:

I find the grades for books are the least reliable section of EW.
Which for me means they are the most reliable section.  If they like a
book, I know to stay away.  How could a critic be better or more
trustworthy than that? Too many readers are too concerned about
affiliating themselves with prestigious magazines, rather than learning

I enjoyed experimenting with the dialog format. Seth and I often think alike, while having different things to say, which I think makes us suitable partners in such a venture.


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