Why oh why can’t we have a better press corp?

A May 31 Metro article about the Scripps National Spelling Bee misspelled last year’s winning word. The correct spelling is serrefine.

The paper, The Washington Post, had chosen the obviously incorrect "serrifine."  Here is my source.

Addendum: Whoops!  I have corrected my spelling error.  At least I wrote the mistaken spelling of the newspaper correctly rather than vice versa, force of habit took over I suppose.


I don't get it. Those look the same to me.

This is an example of the internet spelling hex. When you try to correct spelling in an internet posting, you are instantly cursed and forced to mis-spell a word.

What's the point of spelling bees?

I've been reading several hours a day for decades, and invariably these spelling bees feature words that I have never encountered once in my lifetime, nor do I expect I ever will.

I guess it's just another great American silly pastime, like competitive eating.

Brad Delong might not be so happy about the title of your post...I expect you to be more creative Prof.Cowen.

Is a "press corp" kinda like News Corp.?

@Ansel F:

Yeah, we all know how useless eating is...

Thanks for being explicit, Sam. I think Kieran and I were hinting at exactly that, but Tyler hasn't picked up on it yet.

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