X Prize News

The X Prize Foundation has received $7m in new funding to develop more X prizes and The Aeronautics and Cosmonautics Romanian Association (?!) says they will try to land a robot on the moon within the next 3 months.


Ten million dollars as a prize is a joke if it is intended that such prizes will stimulate innovation.

At best, a ten million dollar prize will confer prestige for research that would have been done anyway.

If a prize is to stimulate significant investment, and cover the conisderable risk of being beaten by a rival and failing to win the prize, it needs to be *hundreds* of millions of dollars.

A comment on the second article: "This is not a X PRIZE attempt. The article has misconstrued a rocket flight trial for a prize attempt. The ARCA team has only announced their first trial flight of their rocket system. This is not an attempt to reach the Moon or go for the GLXP. The website clearly describes the launch as a test flight to try to reach space at 100km altitude."

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