Evidence of Absence

Here is China’s new 10 Yuan banknote.  Notice what is missing?  It’s not on the back either. 
Hat tip to Metafilter.


Mao. The money also had other languages on it. Before Mao was printed on ever bill, they had pictures of China's diverse peoples too...

Well, if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone, anyhow.

That's a nice ash tray on the note, but they got rid of the cigarette? Strange.

I prefer seeing faces on money. I also prefer human-looking robots.

Better pictures of the entire bill (both sides) can be seen here (in Chinese). It does indeed have the other scripts plus "YUAN".

Note this is an Olympic commemorative issue, and according to Danwei.org and BBC, only six million notes will be printed, which is pretty darned few for a country of China's size (10 yuan is worth about a dollar and a half). If the six million figure is accurate, you would see very very few of these in actual circulation.

I thought it was a tire floating in a polluted river.

It does have "People's Bank of China" (Zhongguo Renmin Yinhang) in the various scripts on the back, but it doesn't have the denomination written in Hanzi or Pinyin as do most other Chinese notes. I guess the Arabic numbers are regarded as well-known enough to not write "Shi (10) Yuan" on this note in text.

It's not a new bank note that's going to replace old ones. It's just an
commemorative bank note for the olympics.

BTW, Alex, I thought you're going to write a relatively long post
reflecting on your China trip. No? So far you've just offered small bits
and pieces of your China experience. Any larger reflections?

Oops - if it was a snake, it would have bit me...

Good for China! Let's see if it marks a trend....

Of the many things that will convince me of their government's ability to evolve beyond authoritarian rule, removing portrait of the democidal Mao Tse-Tung is a good indicator.

That pot-bellied dictator was probably morally responsible for more deaths than any other human being ever (Except maybe Hitler and Stalin, depending on how you do the sums). His political legacy was one of terror, poverty and death, and he should not be venerated.

See, it is not like in the US, where Bush's face is on every banknote! Did I mention I read on a blog TSA randomly checks through luggage? Way to go China, clearly ahead of the US!


When I was in China, the yuan notes would not only feature Mao and various ethic peoples of China, but they would usually feature either the Great Wall, natural scenery, or some kind of heroic socialist propaganda setting, such as gleaming factories or of farmers with a tractor on the back of the currency.

Here is an image with Chinese currency and here is another.

It is a new chinese note, and according to the chinese news it was "sold out" in 15 minutes after being released to the public, due to the fact that it commemorates the momentous occasion that is the olympics. According to scalpers, this 10 yuan note is now being sold for 5,000 yuan.

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