Hail Joseph Lancaster!

And for that matter hail Seth Weidman:

It was a classic case of supply and demand.

Entering his senior year at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School, Seth Weidman felt there was demand for an Advanced Placement economics class.

So he decided to supply one.

At least one night a week for nine months, Seth taught college-level economics to a group of his fellow Allderdice students, traveling from living room to living room with his dry-erase board in tow.

Fueled by Doritos, pretzels and the occasional homemade tiramisu, Seth’s students in the "Weidman School of Economics" numbered 18, with nine of them eventually taking at least one of the two AP economics tests offered.

Thus far, the results have been spectacular. The students took 12 total tests, and of the eight scores that have come in this month, six are 5’s — the highest possible on a scale of 1 to 5 — and two are 4’s.

Greg Mankiw and Aplia appear in the story as well.  Seth loves Hayek’s Road to Serfdom: ""It made me see that economics isn’t just about a bunch of guys sitting on CNBC," he said. "It’s more about incentives. It gives you a cool perspective to understand the world."

Here is the full story.  Seth will be attending the University of Chicago next year.  Here is material on Joseph Lancaster and I thank Eric Crampton for the pointer.


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