Markets in everything, the riches of Japan once again

So much for fixed costs, this time it’s weird drinks.  How about "Bilk": 70 percent beer, 30 percent milk?  That’s only the beginning.  There’s a cheese drink, desalinated seawater (hey, isn’t that expensive?), placenta drink (made from swine placenta) and eel soda.  And if that’s not enough for you, here is last year’s list.  As I like to say, if you’re not thinking about Japan every day, you’ve yet to wake up.


Perceptions of the Japanese economy made the transition from wave of the future during the rah-rah "Japan as Number One" 1980s to cautionary tale during the subsequent long twilight.

Sometimes I wonder if Japanese popular culture is on the same trajectory.

Rumor has it that there is a sweat drink (made from pocari sweat). It's heartbreaking to think of all the pocaris hooked up to treadmills in factory farms.

Pocari Sweat is only the tip of the iceberg:

Finally the day of mass marketed placenta products has arrived..

PS The Japanese elderly porn should totally get its own Markets in Everything, Japanese Edition post from Tyler. And it's coming stateside!

I agree. I've been getting into Kiyoshi Kurosawa movies lately and am totally fascinated. Japan is awesome.

Hei Lun Chan is absolutely right. Would you like some raspberry sauce on your extra cheese, buffalo wing pizza? A lot of garbage food gets invented;it gets forgotten. Higher food prices will make for better inventions, though I pity the Mexican sharecropper living off maize.

Pocari Sweat isn't even uniquely Japanese anymore. It is available in cities in the Philippines and, from what I understand, in Thailand and China and probably other countries in Asia. It reminds me of water with a small amount of re-hydration salts thrown in.

I like this site, at the dawn of Christmas, like all the sites frequented by friends sent holiday wishes ahead of time, a happy holiday.


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