What if the candidates pandered to economists?

Do read Greg Mankiw on this topic.  The list of policies favored by economists includes support free trade, oppose farm subsidies, leave oil companies and speculators alone, tax the use of energy [does he mean carbon-based energy?], raise the retirement age, invite more skilled immigrants, liberalize drug policy, and raise funds for economic research.

I don’t disagree that there is a consensus on retirement age but it was news to me to read that.  My informal impression had been that many economists on the left felt this would place undue burdens on people with physically demanding jobs.  And personally I would sooner subsidize hard science than economics; I don’t think we’ve earned our keep lately!

Or maybe Greg is just saying that it would win economists’ votes.  Like Alex, I wonder if economists vote on a more rational basis than do other people.  If I meet a French economist, I suppose that his views are more shaped by his being a Frenchman than by his being an economist.  I’d like to see a poll of Canadian economists on health care reform.


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