Who wants cryonics?

Arnold Kling reports:

[Robin] Hanson says that the expected return from being cryonically frozen is positive. If it works, the benefits are high, and the probability of it working is greater than zero. Yet few people sign up for it. I think that we are afraid of looking weird if we sign up for it.

I wonder if people who already look weird, for whatever reason, sign up at disproportionate rates.  I suspect not and that only some very particular preexisting unusual traits predict an interest in cryonics.  Is the best predictor of signing up is interest in science fiction?  If so, does this mean that the non-signers are simply people who are not able to imagine the potential benefits?  Or does an interest in science fiction already label the person in some way where the marginal image cost of signing up is then especially low?  Both cryonics and science fiction of course have very high rates of male participation, some exceptions aside.  I predict that the reading of fantasy novels does not so well correlate with interest in cryonics, once you adjust for any prior interest in science fiction.


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